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Holland Home 74 Retro Jersey Premium Replica

Holland Home 74 Retro Jersey Premium Replica

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At the 1974 World Cup in Germany, Holland wore its iconic orange jersey, earning the nickname Oranje (orange in Dutch). Their style of play complemented the nickname, as players had no fixed positions; When they lost the ball, three or four players would rush to recover it, showing high pressure that made them stand out as a perfect machine, hence the nickname A Clockwork Orange.

One of the leaders on the field was Johan Cruyff, who had high-level teammates and exceptional athletic abilities to carry out Rinus Michels' "total football." Players such as Jan Jongbloeed, Johnny Rep, Rob Ressenbrink and Johan Neeskens, among others, were part of the team led by Johan Cruyff. Except for Jan Jongbloeed, who was in goal as goalkeeper, the others were free to move around the field without being limited by a fixed position.

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